The Sgt. Cesar A. Fuentes

A man with grit, determination, and commitment to our country and local community

Our Mission

Cesar wore many hats throughout his journey in life. A Marine veteran, a Correctional Sergeant, a leader, a comedian, a companion, an adventurer, a successful young man that contributed greatly to his community despite the odds that were stacked against him. 

Cesar was a first generation immigrant, rambunctious, and was held back in the third grade due to his low performance in school caused by his newly diagnosed ADHD. His academics surely did not reflect his intelligence. It took his devoted parents, one determined educator, Mr. B, and his loving family, to nurture his talents, and help guide them into the path he was meant to take to achieve his dreams in the military and first responder sector. 

Our hopes are to give the "Cesar's" in our local communities the confidence and guidance they need to succeed and continue their path and never lose hope or sight of their ultimate dream.