Notes about Cesar from loved ones

Stories and photos from family and friends

Pieces of Cesar

From a high school friend, Nuno E.:
"Our talks during our long runs together and your friendships will always stay with me."

From a cousin, Natalia A.:
"I wanted to give up and quit school and he replied, 'Always try your hardest no matter how shitty you think it may be. Just gonna gain experience and build resumes. Also, good references for the future.' He definitely motivated me to keep going and not give up

From a best friend, Maria R.:
"He had talked me through a panic attack and helped me realize that it was related to PTSD."

From a childhood friend, Monica C.-A.:
"Swinging us on a tire in the kinder playground. Making us laugh 'til the bell rang."

A friend, Alexxis R.:
"He had the most contagious laugh."

His USMC brothers:
"Memories of Cesar are many, but not appropriate for the scholarship website."
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Family of Cesar Fuentes:

"Cesar loved his fiancée Natalie more than anything. She brought his smile back and was looking forward to building a family with her."

A friend from high school:
"I will never forget the big smile on his face at the finish line when he won his race with only one shoe because his shoe had fallen off during his race."

A cousin, Lucy K.:

"The time that Cesar came camping with us and he was the only one to catch any fish - he prepared it himself and all."

Cesar's sister, Marlene:

"I will never forget his big brother duties that included and are not limited to, wet willies, dutch ovens, crop dusting while accompanying mom at the store, monopoly games, mario kart matches, wrestling, pokemon, marble collections, and his protective nature - only he was able to pick on me. Most of all, a caring, playful, and funny uncle to my daughters."