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Our Mission

Cesar wore many hats throughout his journey in life. A Marine veteran, a Correctional Sergeant, a leader, a comedian, a companion, an adventurer. All were worn with great pride and grit. He hung on, buckled up, and made the worst situations into the best, excelling while lifting those around him - all with his contagious smile. He believed in sacrifice for a better future and encouraged others to stick out and reap the benefits of a better future. Our aspirations are to keep his legacy alive for years to come.

The Sgt. Cesar A. Fuentes Scholarship will be awarded to three individuals (for $500 each) in each county (Stanislaus, San Joaquin, and Merced) who portray grit and a passion to serve our country and community and be the beacon of light to inspire, help, and encourage those around them.


Application window begins January 2021 and will close April 30, 2021.


  • Must pursue a career in law enforcement, criminal justice, corrections, nursing, fire, rescue, EMS, or first responder fields

  • Submit proof of acceptance in program/college and/or major.

  • Submit and sign completed application by the deadline

  • Attach two letters of recommendation

  • Submit most recent school transcripts